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Hair transplant is a procedure in which hair roots are removed from donor area of your scalp and implanted to recipient area which is bald or thinner. Once transplanted, the hair will continue to grow for a person’s lifetime.

Reasons for Hair Loss

There may be many reasons for losing your hair day by day. Maybe you are aging, maybe you had changes in your hormones or maybe you have baldness in your family history. Earlier hair loss begins, more severe baldness will become.

Hair Transplant is the Solution

With a successful hair transplantation, hair roots called follicular units will be removed from separately from back of your scalp and they will be implanted to bald area of your scalp which is top and front of your head. Under coordination of a specialized medical team, hair transplant will enhance your appearance, increase your self confidence and the most importantly you will have your natural hairs back again.

How do we perform hair transplant?

We believe that every hair is unique and so our approach will be individual for your hair. Our team uses FUE technique for hair transplantation and support it by PRP before the operation.

FUE Technique for Hair Transplant

FUE technique which is the most preferred technique for hair transplant in the world means ‘’follicular unit extraction’’. With a FUE technique, our specialized team removes hair roots individually from back of your hair by using a micro motor or manual punch if it’s necessary in order to transfer them to bald or thin area. FUE technique allows specialists to harvest maximum amount of hair roots from back of your hair.

PRP Support for Best Result

PRP therapy which means ‘’platelet rich plasma’’ is a revolutionary treatment which small amount of blood is taken from your body and passed through a centrifuge system to separate the platelets and fibrin from the red blood cells and injected into the transplant area. We also offer PRP therapy before hair transplant in order to keep your hair roots removed alive, to provide faster recovery of hair follicles implanted and to stimulate thin and weak hair follicles.

Who performs your hair transplant procedure?

Experience and specialization are two elements create difference for result of the hair transplant. In our clinic, a hair restoration surgeon who is specialized and experienced in hair transplantation performs the operation with a specialized hair transplant team.

The Hair Transplant Procedure

Examination: Our physician makes general assesment of your hair including details such as hair density, hair nature, hair transfer and transplant areas, front lines. All these subjects are planned with you in a close interaction with our surgeon.

Local Anesthesia: Our physician makes general assesment of your hair including details such as hair density, hair nature, hair transfer and transplant areas, front lines. All these subjects are planned with you in a close interaction with our surgeon.

Channel Opening: Once local anesthesia takes effect, channel opening starts. Our surgeon completes the channel opening with necessary tools as planned before your transplant.

Transplant: Grafting of follicular units completed with a micro motor. Grafts are collected individually and implanted by hair transplant specialist to the transplantation area individually. Thsi area is determined by our surgeon during channel opening.

End of Operation: Operation takes 6-8 hours in one or more sessions decided by surgeon and you will have a bandage after the transplant. Our medical team will inform you about instructions to follow after transplant in order to make you comfortable during follow-up period which is 2 days.

Recovery: You will be prescribed drugs for short time use in order to have a comfortable time during follow-up. Next day of operation, our surgeon will control your hair. Second day of operation, our team will wash your hair and you will get final instructions from our surgeon.

Return to Normal Life: There will be a scabby layer on your scalp for first 10 days following operation. At 10th day, those layer will be gone. During this time, you can go back to your normal life and work but you will be suggested to have hat.

Result: Your hair will start to grow 2 or 3 months after hair transplant. Final result will be observed after 6 months to 1 year. During this time, our patient coordinators will be in contact with you to evaluate your hair’s progress.

Key Elements of a Successful Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is an individual procedure which may change your life positively, that’s why we offer you an interactive assessment process with our hair transplant surgeon in order to plan all details of your hair.

Natural Look: You want to have a hair transplant procedure but you don’t want other people to realize it after operation unless you don’t tell them. We understand you completely and this is why our surgeon plans your hair transplant with you and opens channel by himself.
Hair Density: Our hair transplant surgeon will discuss all details of your hair transplant operation with you and ensure that you will have the hair density you desire.
Secured Donor Area:We are minimizing any kind of observed thinning in your donor area by careful grefting.

When should I have hair transplant?

You can have hair transplant procedure any time you want during a year. There is no specific season for hair transplant and thanks to the advanced skills and technology used by our team, you can reach your natural hairs back at any time of year.

I have made my mind but what should I do now?

Well, if you have decided to have a hair transplant procedure, we kindly request your hair photos from back, top and front in order to give you a free consultation and plan from our hair transplant surgeon. After that, we will provide you information about number of grefts planned to be transplanted and cost of the transplant. If you agree with all conditions, we will start to plan your visit to Turkey together.

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