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Dr.Karaaltin was born in the city of ”Kirkuk”,Iraq in 1972. Just when he was six months old his family moved to the “United States of America”.During the years 1976-1988 Dr.Karaaltin was enrolled in elementary and secondary education in both West Lafayette, Indiana and Orange county, Los Angeles there after.

During the years 1990-to-2014 Dr. Karaaltin was able to obtain the medical degree in Medicine from Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, English learner Branch, Afterwards he was abled to rank as number 12 out of 25.000 medical doctors, in the National Turkish Examination for medical specialization acquisition and after six years of training in Hacettepe University, Ankara he was granted the Turkish Board for Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery.
In 2012, By passing the examinations and fulfilling all credentials outlined by the European Plastic Surgery Society, Dr. Karaaltin was able to be a fellow of the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (E.B.O.P.R.A.S) .

Dr.Karaaltın was a staff member in the University of Bezmialem as well as University of Acibadem and attended classes teaching the principles of plastic surgery for medical students.

Dr. Karaaltın is an ISAPS member (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) for which he provides an ISAPS insurance for all the cosmetic procedures that he performs all around the globe. Read More

If you wanna look the best version of your self Dr. Karaaltın is the one. However if you want to be a Hollywood (artificial) person he is not the doctor you are looking for.

Rebekah Spencer54 yr, Designer, UK


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With the Extended High SMAS technique invented by “Dr.Karaaltın”, it is possible to achieve a dramatic facial rejuvenation in the natural limits providing a younger portrait of the patient as if the patient has traveled back in time.

02.  Breast Aesthetic

Dr.Karaaltın’s new innovative “Twirl Internal Bra” method can be applied during breast reduction and aesthetic breast lift surgery. It provides a durable natural contour of the breast with an optimal aesthetic result.

03.  Facial Paralysis

In last 10 years “Dr.Karaaltın” has devoted his skills in reconstructive surgery to improve and implement the most advance surgical techniques for treating these special patients.

04.  Vıbrosat pro hıgh defınıtıon ultrasound

Vibrosat pro is the state of art in liposuction devices and harnesses the technology of vibration expansion which provides safety, lesser bleeding and premium outcome in skin contraction.

05.  BBL

Dr. Karaaltın’s method provides much more unique and much more efficient in terms of the vitality of the fat injected as this crucial for the optimal results.


It’s obviously an issue for men to discuss their penile sizes and erectile dysfunction problems openly. Dr. Karaaltın now offers intimate surgeries for men who are looking solution for their most private problems.

07.  3D Rhinoplasty

As “3D modeling” is allowing the physicians to approach patients with personalized surgery preparation “three-dimensional” technology has proven to provide a strong toolbox for challenging head & neck surgical procedures.

06.  Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a procedure in which hair roots are removed from donor area of your scalp and implanted to recipient area which is bald or thinner. Once transplanted, the hair will continue to grow for a person’s lifetime.

07.  Get Beauty ın Turkey

Safe, secure and sophisticated plastic surgery experience in Turkey.


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Mehmet Veli KaraaltınCEO, MD

Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın

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Cüneyt Özçelebi

Op.Dr. Turab İsmayilovPlastic Surgeon

Op.Dr. Turab İsmayilov

Ayşe KartalClınıc Secretary

Ayşe Kartal

Zeyno CeredePatıent Relatıons

A.Zeyno Cerede

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Lots of doctors in Europe told me that I have a genetic disease and there is no treatment for it for 10 years. After that, Mr. Karaaltin applied a stem cell treatment and now I am healthy.

Neval AkterAlmanya

75% of my body damaged by flames in an accident but I am really happy that I can survive this uphill fight. I am grateful to everyone who helps me to hold on to the life.

Adem Kılıçİstanbul, Türkiye

I had 6 surgeries in 14 years and I lost my 7 fingers (or toes?). My leg came to the phase of amputation. Thanks to Mr. Karaaltin I regained my health in 3 months. I can do whatever I want. I am living my life again.

Mustafa ÇelenNiğde, Türkiye


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