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Elif Arkan – Liposuction and Nose Tip Surgery –

Elif Arkan is a well-known economist living in Istanbul and the mother of an handsome boy who is at the university age.

Due to her intensive work hours and personal living habits she couldn’t find a chance to save some time for any sports and this was one of her biggest problems. She has been always unhappy with her excess fat around her belly and tummy since she was a teenage even though she wasn’t eating a lot or too often. Because of her hearth problem she was avoiding all kind of aesthetic operations. Due to her psychology that she has been approaching to the age of 50, she finally decided to make a consultation to a plastic surgent.

After than these are her own words;

I cannot thank him and to his dream team enough. I would never be able to trust that much to anyone other doctor than Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın.

Elif Arkan

“Hi, my name is Elif Arkan. I was born in 1970. My best years passed at Bağdat Street which is one of the most popular street in Istanbul. In those years, till my busy life starts, I used to walk miles every day. After the university, with my business life and my marriage I left with no time for any sports activity. That had been immediately followed by hypoglycemia. I never ate too often or too much. My hypoglycemia was making my body seeking any time for carbohydrate. In addition to that; by the lack of sports activities in my life, I started to gain fat.

The whole-body liposuction idea was a bit frightening for me. The procedure was long and I had an heart problem. The idea of staying under narcosis for such a long time pulled me back from the idea of the operation. However now, I am so regret not to have it done before.

My childhood friend recommended me Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın. As soon as I met with him, he built amazing trust on me and I immediately decided to have the liposuction and the nose tip surgery. Indeed, I wanted to have also tummy tuck operation, but he told me that I have a very tight skin and after liposuction I will not need any surgery for my tummy and he was totally right.

After a long operation, I was even driving at the 3rd day. I drove back home with my own car. I had swellings but no bruises and only has difficulty for my movements at the first 2 days. The hospital and the surgery team were awesome. They never left me alone. I did not feel like a patient but instead, I felt like ı was a guest. Of course, it takes couple of moths till the all swellings will be totally gone. My body keeps shrinking more every passing month. But the first reason for this very successful result is my doctor and the second reason is I followed up all the recommendations that Dr. Mehmet told me to do. I did 10.000 steps every day, I always wore my corset even while I was sleeping, never took off. I drunk lots of water and I avoided the salty, junk and packaged ready food which keeps the water.

The liposuction should not be the method for a losing weight. The aim is re shaping the body. For me also has a very important meaning. After the operation; my Hypoglycemia problem was totally gone. When Dr. Mehmet had told me this would be happen, I couldn’t believe my ears. It was too good to be true. Now, I am both very fit and healthy. My body is not asking for carbo anymore. I gained my health back. Before the operation he asked from me to do many health tests and he eliminated the risks. Next, he approved my operation.

I cannot thank him and to his dream team enough. I would never be able to trust that much to anyone other doctor than Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın. At my first availability, I will have my face lift and breast reduction operation. I finally found peace with the mirrors. I feel so young, so fresh, so healthy and awake as never before. And also feel very sexy😊”