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Halil Emeç

Halil Emeç born in a town located in the south eastern part of Turkey; Urfa, is 25 years old young man who is seeking a well living opportunity in İstanbul. He is the youngester of a family of 3 brothers and sisters. He has been working in printing business for a company and taking care of all his family. His health problems started by 2010 as a tumor at his right wrist which eventually turned in to a gigantic mass and turned him into cripple person. His tumor was growing month by month in front of his eyes.

Due to his fear of visiting doctors in addition not capable to ask for a time off from his job, he was not able to check the condition of his wrist in following 5 years. By that time he also got married and received an adorable daughter hence his financial responsibilities were doubled.

As time passed by and his tumor became enormously huge, he was not able to disguise his appearance and his situation became even more complicated; finally after his beloveds insisting as well as the jeopardy that he might lose his job he decided to look for physician or hospital seeking treatment for his extraordinary condition
Unfortunately, all the hospitals & doctors he tried made him flabbergasted, as for removing the tumor he had to accept the idea that he would definitely lose either his hand or arm in return. Eventually, Halil became even more frustrated and hopeless and accepted the idea that he might lose his job and face a conflict with his spouse and family as his financial burdens would be unbearable.

However, a stroke of luck had changed Halil’s life totally after meeting Dr. Karaaltın by a recommendation. Dr. Karaaltın gave him the assurance that it is a strong probability that they will save his hand and remove the tumor utilizing microsurgical skills.

Dr. Karaaltın studied Halil’s condition, and finally agreed together with a great orthopeadic surgical team to perform this very unique and miracle operation. Halil was indeed confident in Dr. Karaaltın and decided to take the operation in “tarih”
The idea of the operation was a total resection of the tumor and remnants that might involve bone as well as the major vessels and nerves of the arm and reconstruct all removed structures utilizing Dr. Karaaltın’s super-microsurgery skills.

On the operative day, by the end of the 8 hours of challenging surgery done by the oncological surgeons. Dr.Karaaltın was confronted with an arm “with a blunt end and the hand detached on the table lacking blood”. The operation last around 15 hours. Dr. Karaaltın managed to re-implant the hand, transfer a tissue including a muscle and tendons from the thigh of the patient to restore the individual items that were resected with the tumor and finally, reconstructed the major two nerves “median” and “ulnar” to restore the sensation in the re-implanted hand.

After the operation, here are the words spoken from the patient Halil Emeç;

Dr. Karaaltın not only saved my arm but he also saved my life and future both for me and for my family. I will be thankful for him for the rest of my life.

Halil Emeç

“I was 25 years old guy but almost lost his belief in life. I was in a lot of pain. I was feeling so desperate. I honestly didn’t think there can be a hope or help for me, and quite honestly I believed that the doctors had no idea on how to treat my tumor. My depression had taken over my essence, I was no longer present in the mirror. I was facing both to lose my hand or even the whole arm, and in addition I would lose my job. Life was a nightmare for me during these 5 years. I had worried so much not only for myself but also for my family and their future. But I’d the privileged to meet doctor Karaaltın. He changed l my life. He agreed to make my operation and the risks as well.

As soon as I woke up after the long lasting operation the first thing I did was checking my arm to see if it was still there. Yes it was there, I never felt so much happy in my life before. After 3 weeks, when they took me to xray for postoperative control I felt the first movements of my fingers and I couldn’t help my tears. Dr. Karaaltın even took some tissue nerves and veins from my body and covered the big wound on my arm. So beside that I was aesthetically pleased and in the end I could make stance in front of the mirror.

When I had this growing tumor, my ex boss was mobbing and forced me to quit the job. Which I did, but after the operation I established my own business. I took loan for a small house and even bought a car.

Finally I’m now capable to give a promising future to my little angel; my daughter. Not only my life but also my thoughts changed after what I had been through. Now I am working for leukemia children charity program as a volunteer, because Dr. Karaaltın showed me that when you touch someone’s’ life, you can make a big difference for them, you just need to believe in yourself.

Dr. Karaaltın not only saved my arm but he also saved my life and future both for me and for my family. I will be thankful for him for the rest of my life.
With my best regards.”

Halil Emeç