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Halime Fetvacı:

Halime Fetvacı is 38 years old woman who is married and a mother of a daughter. Her path crossed with Dr. Mehmet Karaaltın was very coincidental. Fetvacı is a real estate dealer and during her visit to her oncologist PhD. Esra Aydın, at Samatya Hospital, she shared her breathing problems with her.

Dr. Aydın immediatelly warned her about her situation and she advised for a prompt decision for an operation. If Fetvacı wouldn’t fix her problem she could face to have KOAH in the future. Esra Aydın advised Dr. Karaaltın as the former patient of him and she had rhinoplasty surgery and was very happy about the outcome.

Through Halime Fetvacı’s own words;

I owe a lot to Dr. Karaaltın and his valuable team. I feel so lucky and thankful because I meet with such a nice people in my life.

Halime Fetvacı

“I got an appointment from Dr. Karaaltın . It was so hard that I was almost giving up. Just after I met with him and I had a chance to get to know him better, I realized that he is so fully booked with his operations and patients, and when he has a chance to come to his clinic, he gets already over busy. I waited for 3.5 hours at his clinic for my first appointment and even considered leaving the clinic couple of times.( I am glad I didn’t…)

When I met with Dr. Karaaltın, first he asked me what I really want. They studied my 3D appearance. My concern was my breathing insufficiency due to my nose. He told that my face looks very masculine. And he advised me the endoscopic mid facelift operation with rhinoplasty surgery; the result would make me very happy.Indeed, I have serious injuries at my heart about my beauty issues. At the beginning of my marriage, the parents of my husband humiliated me about my look. Thanks God, as far as they know about me more their approach was changed, yet I did never forget that pain that I was confronted. I was not peaceful with my appearance and also was not friendly with the mirrors.

I decided to have the operation. As soon my operation finished, when I woke up I realized that my doctor made also lipo to my tummy and my inner thighs. That was not even in the deal . He had gifted me those for a perfect result which would make me extremely happy. Money was not his first concern. When he first saw me, he thought I came from Turkmenistan which I wasn’t but after the operation, now I look like a Turkmen☺ I don’t look masculine anymore. I didn’t have any scars and I did not have any stitches to be removed. Nobody is believing I had such a surgery.

My nose was very much damaged due to an accident happened when I was a kid. When he realized that I have no enough bone on my nose he took cartilage from the backside of my ear. Now, I can breath as perfect as never before. I don’t snore anymore.

Dr. Karaaltın is not a doctor like the others in the health market. I hold prejudice for doctors believing in they care more money than their patients. But my thoughts demolished totally after I met with Dr. Kararaltın. He listened to all my problems patiently, he understood me and he advised me very right. This is priceless. I can do anything for him.

He is from one of my family members now on. He is conscientious and merciful. I shared lots of things with him even I did not before with my loved ones. His patients are very important for him and he really make his patients feel this. You feel yourself special.

Most important part is his team. Orkan is an unbelievable person who returned all my phone calls all the time and promptly answered me what ever I asked and even made me relaxed when there were the times I was in panic due to the operation. I owe a lot to Dr. Karaaltın and his valuable team. I feel so lucky and thankful because I meet with such a nice people in my life. I want to thank you so much my dearest doctor.”

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