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Ioana Piscanu -Lymphatic Liposuction-

Ioana Piscanu is a beautiful young woman from Romania. In 2010, She had a slight swelling on her right lower limb. Then, a local specialist requested to have an inguinal lymph node biopsy in case of lymphoma (a type of cancer). The result was negative, but since then, her whole leg has started to significantly swell and the doctors said she is suffering from lymphedema. In her family, there is no history of this disease. Moreover, she also did the genetic tests that indicate it’s not something hereditary.

Let’s hear her story by her own words;

I am very confident that with Dr. Karaaltın and his staff I will successfully complete my goal. I am really grateful, and I would like to thank to the whole team for the great help and support in my recover.

Ioana Piscanu

“Since 2010, I have been trying different therapies to keep the size of my leg under control. At the beginning, I applied the conservative treatments such as manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), presso-machine massage, bandaging, compression stocking, but the disease has rapidly developed, and the leg dimension was getting bigger from year to year.

Four years ago, I have started to appeal to the alternative medicine which includes homeopathy, acupuncture, bio energy, biofeedback therapy, pulsed magnetic field therapy, electro-puncture, laser therapy. Doing these therapies, the leg seems to better respond, and it managed to keep a relative constant size for longer period. Although the inflammatory process slowed down and my local doctor asserts that my body respond well to the alternative treatments, the excess lymph liquid accumulated over time transformed into fibrosis which is hard to eliminate only thru massages and therapies. 

For this reason, I tried to find a solution that could help me to eliminate this fibrosis and, if possible, not to let it be built again.

I found information about LVA surgery and I went for evaluation in UK. I was not suitable for this type of intervention, but the surgeons mentioned that a medical liposuction may help me to get rid of the excess volume of fat from the tissues (4lt on my right leg). This is different than the cosmetic liposuction and it must be performed by an expert in order not to damage the lymphatic vessels. The doctors who consulted me asserted that in my case the results may not be so good for lipo and they were not willing to do this surgery.

Since no lost came without a gain, I did not give up and I continued to search for a doctor who has experience on this type of surgery. Randomly, I found a medical service company in Turkey. I sent them the most relevant medical reports, the team examined my case and they found the best doctor with lots of expertise on this type of procedure: Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın.

After my previous experiences, I must admit that I was a bit sceptical when I went for the consultation as I was afraid not to hear again the same story: “our procedure will not work for you and you must continue with your investigation”. Fortunately, the reality over-exceed my expectations. Since the first time I entered the clinic, I felt a welcoming environment due to the doctor’s team who is very professional and friendly.

Discussing with the doctor, he understood my patient history and he explained his procedures in case of lymphedema. I decided to do the lymphatic liposuction and I strongly believe it was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. Dr. Karaaltın clearly stated that thru this surgery I can get rid of 2-3 liters of fat tissue (they cannot extract the whole fibrosis as it is dangerous for my lymphatic vessels), the size of my leg cannot decrease more than 50% and it may get swollen again over time as this procedure does not cure the problem. I really appreciated he was honest and he presented the drawbacks from the beginning.

In November 2017, I did the lymphatic lipo and the results has been better the doctor expected as he said my leg responded very well. They managed to extract 4 liters of fat tissue, my leg has been recovering very easily, very small signs left after the incisions and the dimension reduced by almost 50% in the first 3 months after the surgery.

The whole experience gave me a very positive vibe and the team helped me to overcome it very easily. I am aware it was a difficult intervention and it is still a long process in order to have my right leg almost at the same size at the left one. But I am very confident that with Dr. Karaaltın and his staff I will successfully complete my goal.

I am really grateful, and I would like to thank to the whole team for the great help and support in my recover. Thanks and keep in touch!”