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Levent Deveci

Life of Levent Deveci, married and father of 3 children the youngest of which is 7, turned into a nightmare after he lost a large part of his jawbone due to a bullet hit his face during the coup attempt in July 15th.

My health is getting better everyday. I owe tremendous to Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın.

Levent Deveci

Veteran Levent Deveci was not able to fully recover from the first operations he had after the incident. Since the jawbone was broken up by more than 50%, Deveci was having difficulties in eating and speaking, and in a short time his life was in danger with a lot of weight loss.

At this point Prof.Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın, Surgeon of Plastic, Aesthetics and Reconstructive Surgery who accepted to perform the operation voluntarily, succeeded to return him to his former healthy life with a 9-hour operation.

In his public statement Prof. Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın said;

“Levent Deveci had a serious injury in which he lost almost whole of his left lower jaw due to a firearm injury he had on July 15th. The bullet hit his face from the jaw and caused a large damage. The first interventions failed. In reconstruction we use reconstruction ladder which means the solution from the simplest to the most difficult. For patient this is more comfortable and easier. The aim was to treat the patient, but in the first methods it was attempted to protect the existing bones and to assemble the bones in the as a lego to ensure jaw integrity, but it was not successful.

When the patient came to me, more than half of the jaw was lost. We planned a two-stage operation on how to replace the jaw. First we removed all the fragmented bone tissues infected with germs and placed an antibiotic cement. Thus, antibiotic, with a slow release, helped disinfecting the area and then we moved to reconstruction, the second most important stage of the operation.

Since the bone loss was more than 3 cm, placing a bone taken from fibula to missing part which is the traditional method in plastic surgery was not applicable. We removed the whole fibula and placed it to the jaw.

First of all, we made a three-dimensional model of Mr. Levent’s face by using detailed tomography and three-dimensional laser facial scan. With this 3-D modelling we obtained the model of the whole jaw and missing part at exact size and shape. 3-D modelling served as a mold to remove a bone from the fibula at exact size and volume. Not only we molded the fibula with an exact shape of the jaw but also saved the integrity of the living bone structure by transferring the bone with all the living tissues on it and thus successfully placed it into the jaw.
In a short while his treatment will be completed with dental implants and Deveci will return to his former healthy life and be able eat hard foods like meat.”

Levent Deveci’s comments on the subject is as below:

“After the heavy firearm injury I had on July 15th everything in my life, from my relation with my wife to business relations, affected. Since my jaw bone was broken to pieces I had difficulty in walking after they fully removed my fibula bone.

There is no nerve on my face, beginning from 5 cm from my right jaw to my left bone. I don’t even have a salivary gland and can’t taste anyhow. Since there are more than a hundred bullet and prosthetic remains in my throat I constantly suffering from pain. I am so lucky that I regained my jaw with the incredible intervention of Turkish doctors and my health is getting better everyday. I owe tremendous to Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın.

I will keep the impacts on my body and my heart for the rest of my life but I never regret. Today I would do the same and jump in front of that tanks for my country…”