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Rhianna Habib -Liposuction-

Rhianna Habib is a 44-year-old mother of a girl who lives in the UK. He works in the Operations Department of Royal Mail in London. In 2007, he began receiving treatment for a lower back problem called ‘conversion disorder.’ Rhianna, who began to gain weight due to the steroids she had to take during her treatment, caused the weight gain in her body, which was always fit, and she was deeply saddened by this deformation. It was very difficult for her to accept her new look and she eventually decided to have liposuction.


Let’s convey the rest in her words;


“I’ve never seen myself so overweight, and I’ve never accepted it. I’ve been wanting to have liposuction since 2011. After that, when I consulted my doctors, they told me that my treatment should be completed first, and then give my body a rest and recovery process. I did exactly as they said, and after my treatment was complete and the necessary process was finished, I immediately started calling the plastic surgeon. I did more than 6 months of research in the UK. But I couldn’t decide, I didn’t feel comfortable. A friend of mine told me he was going to Lebanon for the same procedure. Doctors there are more experienced and costs are lower as well, she said.

So I started doing research for countries outside the UK. At that time, my friend, who had surgery in Lebanon, gave me a feedback that he was happy with his operation, but I wish he had chosen Turkey, because both the operations in Turkey were much more successful and the treatment packages were more comprehensive. Based on this information, I started looking for a doctor in Turkey. My sister decided to come with me and have the same operation. Both of us were going to have liposuction at the same time, and in this sense, I applied for many doctors in Turkey. It was the team of Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın who returned to me most quickly and professionally. They always answered my questions very quickly, but they were quite sincere and sincere. The team arranged an appointment with the doctor, and when we first met, my sister and I got a date for the operation. It was a huge advantage for us that the doctor came to England every month.

When we arrived at the airport in Istanbul, they greeted us and never left us alone for the entire trip. The hospital was perfect. Many nurses understand English. After the operation, you want everyone to understand you quickly. Sometimes you don’t have the strength to express yourself, you feel tired, of course, after so much fat is taken from your body. I didn’t suffer much after the surgery. Just a first week. 5 days after arriving back in the UK, the liquid leak had stopped. Exactly the effect of the operation takes 1-2 weeks, but it is definitely worth it. I didn’t have any problems because Dr. Mehmet showed me in advance what I should or shouldn’t do when I came back.

Turkey is a very beautiful country. Being surrounded by the sea and the climate is priceless. If I lived here, I’d choose Bursa. Bursa is a city famous for its warm, historical, and spiritual wealth. I also loved the Sultan Ahmet mosque. It’s an incredibly rich country from a historical point of view.

When I came back to the UK after the operation, I told my friends I had lost weight. They said I looked at least 10 years younger. Of course, then they found out the truth :).

I’m so glad I had Liposuction. Now I’m ready for the second half. I’m saving up for a tummy tuck in December or January later this year. Dr. Mehmet’s team is great, but above all, he’s a great person. I’m extremely happy to meet him, and when I first saw him, I already trusted him. And Orkan, the surgical assistant, became like my little brother. I’d like to express my eternal gratitude to all of them.”