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Shazia Taj -Vaser Liposuction-

Shazia Taj, from Pakistan, is a young woman living in the UK with 4 children, one girl and three boys. A woman who is strong, determined and has an incredible life story. she devoted herself to Islam and her children by getting married and giving up everything while going to college for Textiles and art. All the difficulties she experienced turned her into the strong woman standing in front of us in this interview.

The story of Shazia Taj in her own words.

“I had laser liposuction. The reason for this was that I gained weight every year after 4 births. In fact, as always, I was a thin and elegant person. As a result of the responsibilities, I took at a young age, four children and a divorce, I had no trace of my former appearance. For this reason, I wanted to make a change for myself, but only for myself, and I decided to change my lifestyle. I started with my own body and decided to have liposuction.

After a lot of research, I found Dr. Mehmet. I made an appointment right away. When I first saw it, all the doubts in my head disappeared, and I decided on my doctor. Dr. Mehmet was great. The hospital in Istanbul was magnificent, and the post-operative care was excellent.


I never thought about having this surgery in the UK because it’s so expensive, you can only stay one night in hospital and the post-operative care is quite inadequate. These are not the service features I was looking for.


My trip to Turkey and all the experience of having surgery was quite fluid. Haven’t any problem. I was met at the airport by the team and the team was taking care of everything. The hospital is extremely good and its approach to patients is quite professional. I didn’t have any problems with the language, the nurses could speak English, but my humble opinion can improve their English even more 🙂


When I first met my doctor and he told me about laser liposuction, I felt completely confident in him and made sure that I would get a great service. When I returned to England from Istanbul, everyone found me thin. I’m very happy with the result so far. I have 2 to 3 months before I reach the shape I want, and as the edema in my body decreases, I get thinner.


Immediately after the operation, the first week I spent in Turkey, I had pain. But I didn’t feel much because of the painkillers, and my pain was getting less and less. By the end of the second week there was no pain left, I was even able to return to my social life.


Dr. Mehmet Karaaltın and the staff were great. It went very well for me before and after the surgery, including the surgery. Mr. Zahid, the owner of the company that referred me to my doctor, was constantly interested and made me feel that I was in good hands.


I’m always open to other new operations with my successful doctor. He’s a very thoughtful person, he understood me and my expectation very well. This surgery has further increased my confidence. I wish I’ve done it sooner. I’d like to recommend this team to anyone interested in plastic surgery.”