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Sofia Ramzan

She is 30 years old lady and living in England at Yorkshire. She is a social worker and helping adults with learning disabilities. She has 3 sisters and 2 brothers has a big huge happy family. She worked hard for her operation money and as soon as he collected the right amount, she decide to have the nose operation.
This is her story from her own words;
“ I wanted to do my nose operation for about 3 years ago. However, the operation was very expensive in England because the government does not pay for it. My problem was the widget of nose and the pain of it. This contributed by my sinus problem as well. Winters were suffering time for me but especially last winter, I really suffered a lot and that was the time I said enough is enough.
That is when I started to look for a private clinic which can fix my nose.
First, I google for local places and I found 2 companies and I had a consultation which ended up not very satisfactory. Both of the doctors never asked me what I want but they only told me what they want in me to do. My 3rd choice was a clinic in England called Euromedical Tours. The owner of this
medical company recommended me Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltin in Turkey and the cost was half.
In addition to that, 2 doctors that I had visited before Dr.Karaaltın, thay made traditional chisale but my doctor used 3D modelling imaging . This system is allowing the physicians to approach patients with personalized surgery preparation “three-dimensional” technology has proven to provide a strong toolbox for challenging head and neck surgical procedures.
He was the only one also could diagnose the turbinate first in me. He also used Piezzo System on my nose and by that laser technology; my nose fixed without getting broken, healing period was much more faster, less bruises and swelling with no pain…Now I can finally throw my allergy medication into rubbish bin which I was taking for the last 8 years due to my cat in my house. His technology is much more advanced than the ones in UK.
First I met with him on the phone. I had millions of questions to ask . Thus Mr.Zahid who is the owner of the Euromedical Tours arranged a telephone consultation for me. He was really very helpful and understanding. Than I met with Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın in person at his monthly visit to England for clinic days.
I remember that, as soon as I walked into the room, he stood up than he walked to me, he shaked my hand and guided me to sit down which I found this really very respectful. He asked me what could he do for me. That was the first time a doctor was asking what I wanted rather than what he wants to do. He gave me a chance to express myself unlike the other doctors. He had a conversation with me not like two strangers but it was more friendly and without any doctor ego. So just after after our talk, I immediately decided to have my nose operation with him.
Now, it has been 4 days since my operation has done. The all experience was new for me. Everything
from the beginning; the transportation, the hotel, the hospital, the nurses everybody were absolutely fantastic. When I woke up from surgery, I was very emotional and I started crying. My mum was
online video call and one of the nurses came behind me and said my mum that I was in good hands
and she hugged me. It was also a release for my mother. That made me so comfortable and happy. I
will never forget also when I woke up after the operation, I felt very tired but I should eat my dinner.
So the nurse in the hospital fed me and she even gave me my soup; spoon by spoon like my mother
do. That moment I felt like I am at home. This feeling was priceless.
By the way, I have no pain because of the operation. Just a bit felt uncomfortable that’s all . Dry blood
in my nose was disturbing but the hotel was just across the hospital so I could go any time to hospital
to receive any nursel help . My location of the hotel was 1 minute walk to hospital so I received the
care any time.
Anybody who listens me; I want to recommend Dr.Mehmed Veli Karaaltin. He and his team are really
very nice. That was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Please don’t hesitate to come to
Turkey. Istanbul is such a beautiful city to visit. I saw Blue Mosque and Ayasofya were magical places.
I enjoyed traditional Turkish coffee by Bosphorus view next to sea in Ortaköy and I will definately
come back here with my family.
P.s. nobody dares what you look like bruises..”
Sofia Ramzan
Sofia Ramzan
Anybody who listens me; I want to recommend Dr.Mehmed Veli Karaaltin. He and his team are really very nice. That was the best decision I have ever made in my life.
Sofia Ramzan