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Theresa Marie -Breast Reduction-

Teresa Marie is 63 years old amazing lady lives in London with her loving husband. She was a senior finance officer but now she is retired. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters. For a very long time she was suffering from very big and heavy breast. Every passing year they got bigger and because of them she was suffering back pain for years. They were too heavy to carry on her body. She has a two-floor house and she was even had to carry them while going upstairs, in order to release the pressure from the vertebra.

These are her own words;

When I met with Dr. Mehmet, he said he can do it and he was so concerning about his patients and was very wise, I felt directly confidence with him.

Theresa Marie

“Before, I did not think about any solution for my health problem or lets say did not take into consideration. I believe you got used to live with it somehow. However, after my operation I thought how come I didn’t do it before. Than one of my friends had the same operation and she recommended me the Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın. Accordingly, I got in touch with Mr. Zahid Hamid who is in the charge of organizing everything for doctor and patient consultation. He told me that the doctor comes every month to London to meet with his new patients and to make check up for former ones. I immediately asked for an appointment date.

When I met with Dr. Mehmet, he said he can do it and he was so concerning about his patients and was very wise, I felt directly confidence with him.

I am Christian. I go church all the time. I believe what my spirit told me and I really didn’t feel like to do my breast reduction operation in my country. When I arrive to airport in Istanbul, first I scared about how things will go, but than everything went very smoothly. Mehmet was so caring and his nurse Orkan was great. There was a sweet nurse in the hospital, she was scared of my black colour. I think thay don’t see so much black people there😊 I stayed 4 days in hospital. Thay managed me very well and the hospital care was spotless. People friendly, helpful and my room was organized for my comfort.

I really want to go back to Istanbul to enjoy more. There was very nice places to see in that spectacular city. I waited too long for this operation but everything has a time and when I was young it was not hurting that much but it begun hurting more when I got older than started to hurt too much. The surgeon deduct 1kg from each of my breast. I can not believe I carried all those years 2 kg just on my chest.

After the operation I didn’t suffer much, Dr. Mehmet prescribed me pain killers just after the operation. In one week I returned to my routine.

He has a very good team and I hope to see them soon. I like to recommend to everybody who want to do plastic surgery. I want him also to make his operations here in London because I have friends who need his help but they are afraid of flying. All I can say about him that; I have 2 daughters and now I have also a son because he became like son to me. I love him very much.”