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Tuğçe A. -Rhinoplasty-

31 years old Tuğçe A. is studying for her doctorate in Oxford University in UK. She has been also working as a researcher in the same university. After she graduated from one of the Turkey’s best University called METU, she travelled first to France for her master’s degree than finally to UK for her further studies. Due to her very tight schedule she never considered to have Rhinoplasty surgery in his life before.

She had a nose bridge visual asymmetry. This situation was disturbing her because of her looking. Other than she did not have any breathing problem. Thus she didn’t consider to have any operation. She was also terrified of the Rhinoplasty operation and since she can breath nicely she never thought to put the operation in her agenda.

From her own words;

The doctor and his team are very sweet, warm and helpful all before – during and after the process. I am so happy with my operation, with my comfart in the hospital and with the result I got.

Tuğçe Ayvalı

“If it would be up to me I could live with my natural nose forever😊. However what we call in Turkey ‘ pressure by society’ means all the insistences coming from my family and friends I finally convinced to have the nose operation which was a very big step for me.

A friend of my father’s was working for Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın for his website. That is how I had a chance to meet with him. To use this opportunity both for a short beautiful vacation in a fantastic city of Turkey, to see my family and to meet with the doctor I decided to come to Istanbul. To be honest, I also made other appointments with different plastic surgeons. At all the appointments was very unsatisfactory for me, apart from Dr. Mehmet’s. He gave me a really good attention and time, explained everything very detailed and all the operation techniques. He really spent a good amount of time with me, since with other doctors; I spent a fortune and they did not even talk to me more than 5 minutes. With Dr. Mehmet we talked more than 1 hour. He wasn’t like the other doctors. He was not commercial at all. Although, because of me very close to science, he implicated me with my nose 3-D pre modelling mask preparation. Due to other doctors showed no interest to me and explained nothing apart from ‘we can do very easy’ sayings and charging me a big amount of money only for the first appointment, I gave my decision for Dr. Mehmet immediately with no hesitation at all.

It has been only 10 days since I had the surgery. My operation was just after new year at 2nd of January in 2018. I did not suffer any pain and I didn’t have any tampons in my nose, I only had a very small nose cast upon my nose and that wasn’t disturbing me at all. I only had a very few bruises and already healed in couple of days. I learned those bruises and swellings changes from person to person.
The very next day after the operation I left hospital and I could return to my social life immediately. My only complaint was for one week I had to sleep a bit vertical and could not wash my hair for couple of days not to let water touch to my nose cast. I was breathing from my mouth and I felt also a bit dryness in my mouth. Of course all these are very minor issues and the most important part was I did not suffer from any kind of pain.

Although it has been only 10 days and I still have some swelling but my nose looks gorgeous. It will full fill its evolution in 6 moths😊 My nose looks so natural that, even now nobody can say I had a plastic surgery.

The hospital at which Dr. Mehmet performed my operation was very good. They are extremely helpful and even kept calling me a week after the operation to follow up my recovery. The doctor and his team are very sweet, warm and helpful all before – during and after the process. I am so happy with my operation, with my comfort in the hospital and with the result I got.”