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Yaşar Süleyman -Lymphedema-

Yaşar Süleyman who is the middle child of 8 brothers and sisters, was aggrieved by the war in his Country; Irak/Musul, in 2014. He was living with his family and he was a student. However, ISIS had turned his country to a place unable to live. At that time, ISIS was taking the students to their side or they were killing them. Young teens; 15 and over were under big threat.

Yaşar didn’t know that; by escaping to Turkey; he will not only save his life but he will also find the solution to his health problem of which he was suffering since he was four years old.

By the words of Yaşar Süleyman;

He changed my life and he gave me a second chance to live. Thanks God for him and his dream team.

Yaşar Süleyman

“Unfortunatelly, I was suffering of Lymphedema a disease is known as elephantiasis colloquially often can be seen at legs or arms. Due to my health problem, I visited all most all doctors in my country seeking for help. My legs and feet was 3 times bigger than normal and everyday it was slowly getting worse. Doctors couldn’t diagnosed and so couldn’t treat. Thay told me that this cannot be cured for sure. I figured out what was wrong with me and even learned the name of my disease when I came to Turkey.

When I escaped to Turkey through Syria because of ISIS terror in my country, not only my living conditions changed but also I catched the chance of to find a treat to my health problem.

I was working for a company that produces health equipments for the hospitals. I was facing to lose my job due to my health condition. My friends who I met there, began to look for a doctor who can help me. I started not to fit into my clothes and was experiencing problems at my walking, to continue my daily life and more or less at all stages of my movements. My legs were like an elephant legs. After all the research my friends did for me, thay reached Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın. As soon as I met him and told him my story, he accepted to do my operation. I cannot find write words to explain my happiness at that moment.

I had my operation on 12th of April in 2017. Before I was walking very hard. I was not able to get dressed, I was suffering to find a job and I was in depression. Dr. Karaaltın gifted me a life I never experienced before. I had no financial income to be able to afford him. He undertook my operation by no financial expectation. I can never forget him.

He changed my life and he gave me a second chance to live.

My Turkish is not enough to be able to describe how much I am thankful to him. He treated me like a brother. His talent was my best luck. Thanks God for him and his dream team. I want to kiss him from his magic hands and his big heart, with love and regards.”